Statewide Canned Food Drive
Let's Do It Again!

Who: Missionaries on the M.O.V.E. (observing the needs of the community)

When: July 1-July 17, 2021

Where: Your local area food bank, food pantry, or such agency

How: Collect and deliver CANNED FOODS to your area food bank, food pantry, or
appropriate agency. Deliveries may be done at several sites, however, keep track of
donations, for reporting purposes.

Upon the delivery of the items, please collect a receipt for weight or number of
cans you delivered (or the number of cans if they do not weigh; 16oz can=1lb)
EMAIL or CALL the Convention Headquarters and give donations tally by July 21
We would like to report the total at the Annual Session on July 28, 2021

From Murphy to Manteo, our statewide goal: 75,000 pounds of canned goods!

Deacon's Wives and Deaconesses Fellowship

Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of NC, Inc.
8th Annual Deacon’s Wives and Deaconesses Fellowship
$25 Per Person
October 23, 2021 @ 10:00 AM

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2021 Family Missions Conference
"Families Building on the Foundation of God's Love"

September 25, 2021  10 am

Zoom  Dial In 929-205-6099

Meeting ID:  846 5593 7411

Passcode: 588499


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