Greetings Woman’s Baptist Home & Foreign Missionary Convention of NC, Inc.

The 137th Annual Session will include an election to fill vacancies in each of our three departments and on the Executive Board. Please note, this election will fill positions for the remainder of the 2020-2023 tenure. We thank you in advance for considering offering your time and talent in one of the needed positions or for encouraging someone in your local church, county/city union,
association, or district conference. We also continually thank you for helping us continue to seek the lost and reach the masses!

Section 1: Vacancies
1A: The Senior Department
A. 2nd Vice President
B. 3rd Vice President
C. 4th Vice President
D. Recording Secretary
E. Assistant Recording Secretary
F. Young Adult Director
G. Associate Young Adult Director
H. Associate Youth Supervisor
I. Historian
J. Parliamentarian

1B: The Young Adult Department
A. 1st Vice President
B. 2nd Vice President
C. 4th Vice President
D. Worship Chairperson
E. Newsletter Editor
F. Newsletter Co-editor
G. Secretary
H. Assistant Secretary
I. Choir Director

1C: The Youth Department
A. Youth President
B. 1st Vice President
C. 4th Vice President
D. Pianist
E. Assistant Pianist
F. Worship Chairperson
G. Newsletter Editor
H. Assistant Newsletter Editor

1D: The Executive Board
20 seats are open for at-large positions. The 20 people who receive the highest number of votes will be recognized as the recipients of these seats.

Section 2: Election protocols
The bylaws also provide candidacy and eligibility criteria which are as follows:
● Must be a member of a church that supports the Woman’s Baptist Home & Foreign Missionary Convention of NC, Inc. financially and with presence OR personally support with finances and participation.
● The officer must continue to support the Woman’s Baptist Home & Foreign Missionary Convention of NC, Inc. financially and with presence.
● Officers Members must also continue to be involved in their Local Circles, City/County Unions and/or Auxiliaries, District Conferences and the programs of the Woman’s Baptist Home & Foreign Missionary Convention of NC, Inc.

A person can make known their interest in being considered by the election committee for candidacy by emailing the following information to
● Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Church/Union/Association/District Conference Affiliation, a brief description of your leadership or activities in those arenas, state the position you are interested in, describe why you are interested and why you are a suitable candidate, and the name and contact information for someone from the above described area(s) who will serve as a reference for you.
● Each candidate is being asked to consider submitting a short 1-2 minute video clip that provides a brief biographical sketch, the office for which the candidate is interested, reasons that they are best suited for the office, and a concluding verbal commitment to the mission and vision of the Convention. This is not mandatory but will be a great
way for constituents to identify candidates and it will surely inform their voting. At a minimum, a candidate should submit a photograph and typed response to the above information. Both videos and/or photographs and write ups will be prepared to be shared on the Convention’s social media platforms, etc.
● Please submit your interest letter AND campaign material on or before Monday, July 19, 2021 at 5pm.

Section 3: The Election
This year’s election will take place virtually and by electronic ballot. Individuals will have to submit a Google Form. No paper ballots will be printed. Those who may need assistance with submitting an electronic ballot are encouraged to identify individuals within their churches who may be able to assist them. The election window will open at the beginning of the session on Monday, July 26th at 11am and will close on TUESDAY, JULY 27th at 11:59pm. The form will be released via social media and emailed to all registered participants. Specific instructions
will be provided on the form. Please make sure that you get registered as soon as possible!