The Young Adult

The Young Adult Missionary Department is composed of men and women ages 21 through 35 years of age.

In 1964, the Young Adult Department was organized because God in his infinite power moved within the hearts and minds of our then president, Mrs. M.A. Home, and the women of the Convention. They saw the need for more involvement and Christian witnessing within this age group. There was a need for a Young Adult Department to bridge the gap between the Senior and Youth Departments. Consequently, the Young Adult Department was born with Mrs. Luella D. Edwards of Fayetteville as first director and Miss Bronnie M. Harris (Mrs. B.F. Daniels) of Winston-Salem as its first president.

There was and is a need to promote training using the Bible as the main source, and support the future of the Missionary Baptist Church. The young adults are involved in the work of the Convention, thus taking their rightful places in supporting its objectives. The talents of this age group, once unnoticed and almost ignored, are not utilized and cultivated.

The main objective of missions in the church is to win souls to Christ. The church once felt secure in allowing senior Christians and pastors to do soul winning, but now realized the need for the great commission to apply to everyone:

"Go ye into all the world and make disciples of all men. "

The Young Adult Department has this as one of the main reasons for being.

The Young Adult Department has made outstanding progress. There have been many souls won to Christ; there have been many departments started throughout the state; there have been many financial goals realized and there have been many leaders trained for service.

As we reflect on the birth, growth, and development of the Young Adult Department, we have been able to:

-Deepen our own spiritual understanding and insight into God's will.

-Seek to put into action that which we have been taught.

-Practice Christ's compassion toward our brothers and sisters at home and around the world.

-Work together constructively and add our vision of the living Christ.

-Use our talents to the glory of God as we develop our leadership skills for greater service to mankind.

This Department has enabled Young Adults to move out in love with larger groups. The continued aim and great desire is that every circle president will confer with the pastor and organize a Young Adult Department in every Missionary Baptist Church in North Carolina.


NAME: This organization shall be known as the Young Adult Missionary

Department of Baptist Church.

MEMBERSHIP: This department shall consist of young adults ages 21 through 35, and any married person younger than 21.


The purposes of this department shall be to organize into a department of this age group to continue the teaching and learning of missions and to strengthen the cause of Christ through the Baptist church so as:


The meeting dates and time shall be set with the common consent of the department. They shall be held monthly and shall not last more than one and one half (1 1/2) hours.

GIVING: OFFERING: The department shall require no set dues. Instead, free will offerings may be received at each meeting for the cause of missions. Any other offering should be decided by the membership, received separately, and dispersed accordingly.



1. Read the Missionary Guide and Handbook.

2. The Pastor and Circle President, realizing the dire need for the training and service of these young adults, will designate a person to contact and call the young adults together to talk about the program. After prayer and explaining the purposes and goals, proceed to organize according to the suggested plan.

The Circle will elect a Young Adult Director who is older than 35 years of age to lead the group.

The Young adults should elect officers of the department and decide when the department will meet on a regular basis.


The following officers recommended for the department.

  1. . President
  2. . Four Vice Presidents
  3. . Secretary
  4. . Treasurer or Financial Secretary
  5. . Worship Chairman
  6. . Program Chairman
  7. . Social Chairman

In your Missionary Guide and Handbook you will find instructions on:

What to do at meetings:



Special Feature:


All of these guides are designed to help start a Young Adult Department


According to the By-Laws of the Young Adult Department, young adult membership includes ages 21-35 and younger if married.

Because many young adults join the department in their 30's, their active time in the department is limited. Therefore, there is a hesitancy on their part to be promoted to the senior department at the end of their 35th birthday.

While this is understandable, the Woman's Convention strongly urges those who fall into this category and desire not to leave the young adult department when the time for promotion comes to be proud of their age status. They also should be proud of their spiritual growth in missionary education and the impact they make on the on-going mission of the Woman's Convention and Christ's missionary demand on all who are His disciples. Their commitment should encourage them to move on and continue supporting missions.

With increased longevity, the process of aging has become a greater concem. It is quite evident that we are either going to grow old or die young, and to grow old spiritually and gracefully is a blessing from God. There is no virtue in trying to make time stand still. God has a job for people on every age level, and we would be doing Him an injustice not to appreciate the life as given.

The church needs each member to help carry on the work of missions. The interest generated in the young adult department should be and can be carried over to the senior department and equally as well. Those involved should thank God for the life given, accept your promotion with thanksgiving and dignity and continue the work that was begun in the young adult department. Life must go on.



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Source: The Missionary Guide and Handbook