Our ministry of missions refers to the same ministry of missions as that of the parent body, GBSC, in relation to individual churches. Consequently,it relates to the functions of proclamation, teaching, worship, fellowship, witness, and service. To omit or deemphasize any of these is to dwarf our responsibility and expression of the mission God has entrusted to our hands. It is our belief that missions is an imperative, a mandate,not an option or alternative.

As a part of our expression of this ministry are the following meetings and programs: Leadership Training Conference, Missionary Institutes, Youth Bible Camp, State-Wide Leaders Workshop, Annual Convention, One-Day Session, Family Missions Conference, Young Adult Retreat, Ministers' Wives Retreat, and Youth Evangelism Conference.

Our Convention is convinced that prayer is of vital importance to our being and serving. Consequently, at various seasons of the year we pause for united prayer and supplications for persons, places, and/or phases of our conventional work. Among the Seasons of Prayer are: