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Name:               Archives and History

Purpose:            To collect, compile and preserve the official record of the history of the Woman’s Convention and its departments (senior, young adult and youth) for the archives.


  • Compile the historical documents of the Woman’s Convention, inclusive of all departments.
  • Involve the Youth and Young Adult departments in compiling the history. Prepare a format for them to complete and give the committee annually.
  • Recommend a place(s) to house records/archives.
  • Prepare an exhibit when asked.
  • Seek and suggest ways to preserve historical materials.
  • Help oversee the preservation of official records of history and artifacts.
  • Prepare a final draft of the Quadrennial Report at the end of the President’s tenure and submit it to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer in September.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Do other approved assignments.

Name:              Audio/Visual Ministry Committee

Purpose:           To reach the masses for Christ through Hi-Tech methods.

Special Criteria:

  • Should have ability to use video camera
  • Should have ability to use digital camera
  • Should have very good computer skills
  • May have ability to create, design and maintain a web site


  • Work under the supervision of the President and/or Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • See that all departments are photographed and recorded on video at each session as designated.
  • Identify pictures and place them in an album or folder; album or folder is secured in the Executive Office.
  • Prepare video and audio tapes of designated sessions for approved distribution.
  • Display past video taped sessions at other sessions.
  • Obtain materials upon approval by the Executive Office.
  • Assist with maintaining and updating computer technology.
  • Design artwork for brochures.
  • Utilize current methods to formulate material and distribute the same.
  • Give suggestions for using this ministry.
  • Design and make name tags and other materials as designated.
  • Assist the Archives and History Committee in preparing audio and visual records, as needed.
  • Prepare slides and transparencies as requested.
  • Perform other approved duties.

Name:              Budget

Purpose:           To prepare, analyze and monitor the budget for the Woman’s Convention and its organizations.


  • Work in consultation with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer and President.
  • Evaluate departmental proposals.
  • Prepare an itemized budget for the ministries/programs of the Woman’s Convention.
  • Present the budget to the Executive Committee and/or Executive Board on the date(s), as indicated, preceding the Annual Session.
  • Make recommendations regarding honorariums for conventional participants, institutes/workshop leaders and any others as directed by the Convention or in its interim the Executive Committee and/or Executive Board.
  • Promote the Convention’s budget and accountable stewardship for mission funds.
  • Prepare stewardship brochures. Send material for brochures to the office for printing.

Name:              Christian Education/Curriculum

Purpose:           To embrace and enhance Christian Education which “needs to be the training arm through which…teaching is done at each Annual Session of the Woman’s Convention.” (See the 113th Annual (1996-97) of the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary convention, pp.64-65).


  • Develop a curriculum
  • Set objectives and goals
  • See that “each participant in every class will be made aware of the objectives…”
  • Secure corps of teachers (Consider the corps of institute workers first) as the “faculty”
  • Have “faculty” meetings
  • Promote the use of audio/visual aids such as posters, charts, handouts and/or overhead projectors.
  • Choose the appropriate literature, along with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, in relation to the Convention’s annual theme and biblical doctrine.
  • Devise and implement a system for class enrollment (pre-registration, registration) and attendance.
  • Seek to establish with the Shaw Divinity School the availability of  Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) upon request of participants who attend all class sessions and meet other requirements.
  • Share a written report of intended and recommended plans, programs, faculty and implementation with the Executive Committee in February and whomever else as directed.
  • Inform the President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer of all meetings.
  • Give a written annual report at the Annual Session.
  • Assume other responsibilities as directed by the Executive committee and/or Executive Board of the Woman’s Convention.

Name:              Christian Family Life Ministries

Purpose:           To provide information and activities to help family members become effective Christian witnesses.


  • Be sure all materials and activities are based on Christ’s Word.
  • Plan the Family Missions Conference’s Program, inclusive of all departments. Share all program drafts with the WBH and FMC Programs Committee in May.
  • Compile excerpts from materials (per department) and special features shared at the Family Missions Conference. Give camera-ready copy to the State Office by February 14th so that materials can be printed for handout to be distributed possibly at the State-Wide Leader’s Workshop.
  • Proof read/edit all prepared materials.
  • Prepare brochures, tracts and other printed materials.
  • Share ways to minister to mental patient’s families, prison mate’s families and terminal ill person’s families.
  • Prepare an annual source to give to our conventional church families who request it. This source should include study scriptures, comments and activities for sharing by the entire family. This material/source (camera-ready) should be submitted to the office by the second week in June so that copies can be prepared for the committee to distribute at the July Annual Session to persons who fill out blanks and request it. The material is to be studied during August or designated time. The confirming forms are to be returned to the office by September 7th in order for the certificate to be prepared for presenting to participating families at the Family Missions Conference in September.
  • Prepare a form for registration for families receiving the family packet and a form for confirming the family’s participation in the study.
  • Recommend Christian Videos for the family. Set up criteria by which to screen these, and screen them before they are recommended.
  • Give written reports of ministry when asked.
  • Do other requests as asked by the Executive/Administrative team or Convention.

Name:              Committee on Committees

Purpose:           To maintain and review Conventional and Year-Round Committees/Fellowships


  • Screen assigned committees and keep updated.
  • Read committee appointments.
  • Check Annual Session stations for membership participation, and inform the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • During the Annual Session, make a written report of committees/fellowships at work.

Name:              Enrollment

Purpose:           To survey the attendance per county at the Annual Session


  • Collect enrollment cards from the persons present.
  • Arrange counties according to counties and count the number of persons in attendance from each given county.
  • Prepare a written report for each county alphabetically, and give this report on the designated day at the Annual Session.

Name:              Executive Board Membership

Purpose:           To monitor and screen board membership


  • See that the appropriate attendance is kept per meeting and appropriately documented, along with the Board’s secretary.
  • Report to the appropriate source persons who have violated attendance requirements.
  • Report, in the November meeting, the names of persons whose tenures end in that calendar year. Submit a list to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, so that certificates can be prepared for April’s awarding during the SWLW.
  • See that the Board roster, as affected by deaths, ending and beginning tenures, is updated appropriately.
  • Review the applications of prospective members and report to the Executive Committee and Executive Board.
  • Help to see that all areas are represented on the board.
  • Do other assigned duties.

Name:               Finance

Purpose:           To receive, receipt, and count funds during conventional sessions, when asked.


  • Receive and receipt accurately funds at the One-Day Session, SWLW, Annual Session (inclusive of Seniors, Young Adults, and Youths), when asked.
  • Prepare funds for banking.
  • Bank funds daily.
  • Receive reported funds by the Year-Round Committees at the Annual Session.
  • Provide sufficient copies of the Annual Session’s receipts by department and objectives, for the closing assembly of the assigned date.

Name:               Hospitality

Purpose:           To provide cordial hospitality toward the invited guest(s) of the Woman’s Convention.


  •  See that special guest(s) is met at depot, when needed.
  • Befriend the special guest(s).
  • Plan/prepare for reception(s) (when needed) in consultation with the President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Pin on corsages on designated persons at the Pre-Convention Banquet.
  • See that cups and water are at the speaker’s lectern, during the annual session, One-Day Session, and State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop.
  • Recognize new comers at the One-Day Session, State-Wide Leaders; Workshop, and annual session.
  • Serve as or secure hostesses for special events, when asked by the President and/or Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Give a written report at the annual session.

Name:               Literature

Purpose:           To distribute the literature of and suggested books by the Woman’s Convention.


  • Promote convention publications and suggested literature at the designated sessions.
  • Complete literature forms per day; date and sign.
  • Report daily all funds with the literature form(s) to the Finance Committee.

Name               Memorial

Purpose            To memorialize fallen officers, staff, and members of the Woman’s Convention annually.


  • Plan and implement a five (5) minutes memorial service during the designated period at the Annual Session.
  • Secure and bring own properties for the service.
  • Prepare and give a report on the designated day for reports. This report should include only the deceased members / attendees of The Woman’s Convention. Give their names, city, church information, district and group.
  • Design a form to secure the above information. Distribute and collect the form at the State-Wide Leaders Workshop in April. Give the State office a copy of the designed form.

Name:               Missions

Purpose:           To keep the Convention focused on the church’s mission: “to introduce the people to Christ and to assist them in establishing a personal relationship with Him” - Missionary Guide and Handbook.


  • Help the Convention to define Mission/Missions.
  • Admonish the conventional membership to get involved in sincere Bible study.
  • Admonish them to engage in evangelism.
  • Encourage them to enlist churches to give sacrificial support to the Convention.
  • Suggest ways to minister to the needs of people. Prepare a brochure which suggests different ministries. Send all material for brochures to the office for reviewing and printing.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Suggest soul-winning methods.
  • Make a written report to the Annual Session. 

Name               Monitorial / Advisors

Purpose:           To ensure maximum safety and security. To maintain reverence in an orderly manner during worship. To provide an atmosphere of love, joy and peace.


  • Enlist support for monitors.
  • Set time and space limits.
  • Provide an appropriate number of monitors before, during, and after all services.
  • Utilize a rotating process for security service/check.
  • Follow scheduled Convention sessions and activities for all departments.
  • Encourage proper procedures for worship.
  • Determine designated areas for social interaction.
  • Allow time and space for positive networking.
  • Carry office designees to bank during named sessions.
  • Help to form processionals, when needed, such as the Pre-Convention Banquet, Annual Opening Session, and Wednesday Morning (Annual Session).
  • Serve as security during The Leadership Training Conference and each week of the Youth Bible Camp.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive/Administrative Team.

Name:               Music/Praise

Purpose:           To provide music for the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention.


  • Select selections appropriated for the given setting.
  • Provide music for the One-Day Session, State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop, banquet, Annual Session, and others when asked.
  • See that choir members are informed.
  • Have appropriate choir rehearsals.
  • Work cooperatively with the Worship/Praise Committee.
  • Provide leadership for music for the entire Convention inclusive of Young Adults and Youth.
  • Schedule musicians for the One-Day Session, State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop, Annual Session, banquet, and when asked.

Name:               Nomination/Organization

Purpose:           To prepare and recommend a roster of persons for the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention for officers during all elections and to recommend persons to fill vacancies throughout the year.


  • Seek prospective persons to fill all tenured and vacated offices when necessary.
  • Keep a list/profile of prospective persons for all departments. Submit a copy to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the office.
  • Follow given criteria to recommend selections:
      1. Is a Christian.
      2. Has membership in a Missionary Baptist church and is in good standing with this church.
      3. Is active on the local, county, and district levels.
      4. Knows the structure and program of the Woman’s Convention.
      5. Promotes the mission of Christ.
      6. Has knowledge of and skills for the designated office.
      7. Attends the functions of the Woman’s Convention.
  • Interview prospective persons.
  • Give a final, written report to the Annual Session.
  • Have appropriate meetings.

Name:               Pre-Registration

Purpose:           To coordinate the distribution of badges and kits to pre-registrants at the State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop and the Annual Session.


  • Receive the designated permit from the contact person/Pre-registrant and give the badge(s) corresponding to the number on the permit.
  • See that badges are kept in numerical order in the appropriate envelopes.
  • Keep a record of pickups by checking off persons on list.
  • Report during the Annual Session the number of pre-registrants.

Name:               President’s Address

Purpose:           To distribute and receive the suggested donation for the address.


  • Sell address booklets. Contact the President for instructions for sales.
  • Report all funds to the Finance Committee for books sold at the Annual Session. Funds will take care of address expenses; surplus, if any, will go to State Missions.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Make a written report to the Annual Session.

Name:               Program

Purpose:            To design and prepare programs for the Woman’s Convention and its departments (senior, young adults and youth).


  • Plan programs for the Family Missions Conference, One-Day Session, State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop, Annual Session, Pre-Convention Banquet.
  • Review the programs for the Youth Evangelism Conference, Ministers’ Wives Retreat and Annual Session program State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop and Annual Convention Youth sessions, Young Adult Retreat, Young Adult Mission Prayer Breakfast and Annual Session Young Adult sessions; Youth Prayer Pizza Party; Deacons’ Wives Annual Session program. Al] programs of the Young Adult and Youth Departments are reviewed by this Committee or its designee.
  • Plan/review programs in September, February, and March, and at other needed times.
  • Give participant information: name and address to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer or designee immediately after the meeting.

Name               Publicity/Public Relations

Purpose:           To provide press and news releases for the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention and for its departmental activities. To work closely with the Program Committee to ensure timely notices of upcoming events. To plan and arrange for radio/TV programming, prepare flyers, pamphlets, leaflets and other printed material.


  • Cover all departments in sessions during One-Day Session, State-Wide Leader's Workshop, Annual Session, retreats, Youth Bible Camp, Leadership Training Conference.
  • Prepare news release for radio/TV papers, and conventional news vehicles. Keep local news media involved.
  • Send to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, WBH&FMC, a written coverage of the different activities no later than ten (10) days after the events.
  • Instruct and direct the photographer serving the One-Day Session, State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop, Annual Session. May suggest to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer a proficient photographer in areas where meetings are held.
  • Date and name pictures and maintain scrapbooks. Submit the book to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Help provide opportunities for making videos and cassettes for designated meetings.
  • Make a written report of the Committee’s work to the Annual Session.
  • Work very closely with the President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer.

Name:               Registration

Purpose:            To coordinate the registration of persons at the Annual Session.


  • Receive and write receipt(s) for registration per person.
  • Give persons a kit.
  • Send registrant to printing desk to pick-up badge.
  • Be sure to indicate district and group number on the receipt.
  • Make a report during the annual session.

Name:               Resolutions

Purpose:           To prepare and present resolutions for the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention during Annual Session and/or One-Day Session. Recommendations will be received as information, when it is necessary for them to be reviewed by the Executive Committee for further action.


  • Prepare resolutions on issues which affect the Woman’s Convention.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Prepare a written report for the Annual Session.

Name:               Scholarships and Awards

Purpose:            To evaluate applications from persons who apply to the Woman’s Convention for a scholarship and select those who meet the criteria.


  • Secure submitted scholarship applications from the Executive Secretary-Treasurer after May 31.
  • Evaluate the applications according to the given criteria.
  • Submit findings and selections with supporting documentation to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer no later than June 27.
  • Prepare a written report and read at the Annual Session.

Name:               Social Affairs 

Purpose:            To inform and motivate the Conventional membership regarding social issues which affect them as Christian citizens.


  • Plan and coordinate social affairs workshops for conventional sessions when requested by the President and/or Program Committee.
  • Encourage the Conventional membership to be involved when needed to effect a better local, state, national, or world government development.
  • Guide the Convention in planning and conducting leadership in social affairs.
  • Work in consultation with the President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Share suggestions with Chairperson of the Executive Committee before presenting them to the Annual Session.
  • Prepare and give an annual report to the Annual Session.

Name:               Temperance

Purpose:            To emphasize and promote Godly self-control and behavior among the conventional membership.


  • Give suggestions which will affect behavior/self control of the Conventional membership and affiliation.
  • Have appropriate meetings.
  • Make a written report at the Annual Session.

Name:               Worship/Praise

Purpose:            To reach men, women and youth through worship and witnessing to their spiritual relationship to God including:


To enhance the activities of the people of God, in proclaiming and demonstrating the kingdom of God through music., Music is universal, it mellows the heart and makes preparation for prayer.


  • Be responsible for all Worship/Praise Moments for sessions, such as the One-Day
  • Session, State-Wide Leaders’ Workshop, Family Missions Conference, and the Annual Session (when asked). The Youth Department will be preparing these moments for the Youth Evangelism Conference.
  • Plan and coordinate the “Early Morning” devotions for the Annual Session.
  • Center Worship/Praise Moments around the Convention’s theme (sub-theme).
  • Use variety in format.
  • Use different representation from all districts.
  • Prepare a written report for the Annual Session.
  • Have appropriate meetings and give dates to the office. Send communication through the office.

Name:              Youth Bible Camp

Purpose:           To help oversee the Youth Bible Camp ministry.


  • Review the yearly report of YBC by the director and any others deemed necessary.
  • Make suggestions to enhance this ministry.
  • Give support to the director.









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