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  Mrs. Bronnie H. Daniels, Chairperson
Mrs. E. B. Penny, Co-Chairperson
Mrs. Ruth Grimsley
Mrs. Dorothy Hicks
Mrs. Ruth Jackson
Mrs. Bessie Landis
Dr. Louise Rountree
Mrs. Hilda C. Smith

       A committee meets in order to transact business, acquire information, investigate issues and prepare reports for information and/or recognition. This committee has no power independent of or parallel to the Woman's Baptist Home and Foreign Missionary Convention. A committee cannot make any financial commitments, incur any financial debt, discipline committee members on behalf of the Convention and its Auxiliaries unless given the authority in writing to do so by the Woman's Baptist Convention of North Carolina. The Chairperson of the committee should give a written report at the Annual Session or as directed.

Source: See "Forward", 1997-2001 Committees Directory






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